3 Smart Tips for Wallet-Friendly Vacations: Where to Go

by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach on July 16, 2009

in Family Finances


Whether you’re wanting to take your first trip, second or third this summer, you do not have to let low funds get in the way of your taking a good, fun summer vacation. Although the often-hyped “staycation” is a great way to enjoy a vacation without necessarily spending so much since you’re staying close to home, there are other ways to take a low-cost vacation and still get away. Over the next few days I will post 3 tips for a wallet-friendly vacation if you need to know where to go, where to stay and what to do. Let’s start with “Where to Go“:


Where to Go
You’re dreaming of a European vacation, or perhaps an island cruise, or backpacking through the wilderness, but the airfare to your preferred destination is a bit steep for your pocketbook. You juggle the dates, hoping to find a better deal, but you’re just not finding one good enough in the narrow window that you have to take the vacation. You’re frustrated and thinking of canceling an away-vacation this year until you can save more money. Well, there are actually other options. Here’s one:

Tip: Be flexible with your location. Instead of letting the destination decide your trip by locking yourself into that dream locale, let the airfare be your guide. Know what it really is you want from the vacation. Is it the hike up a mountain, snorkeling along a coral reef, or enjoying the sea breeze and deck games on a cruise? Once you know, look for discount airfares and hotel rates to destinations that will give you those experiences.

You can check for last-minute deals directly at airline websites, through places such as:

The latter recently listed round-trip flights from Chicago to Rio de Janeiro for $487 roundtrip, Atlanta to Honolulu for $276 roundtrip, and Phoenix to the Bahamas for $219 roundtrip.

Also, check Travelocity’s Low Fare Finder by clicking “my dates are flexible.” It’s a good way to check for lower prices between two cities if you don’t have firm travel dates.

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