Topic: Credit Reports

Q: Should I Get All Three Credit Reports At Once, Or View Them At Different Times Over the Year?

A: Once you are ready to request your free credit reports from the credit bureaus via, you have the option of getting those reports in one of two ways: all at once, or over a period of several months, perhaps even up to a year. But to maximize your credit rating and to improve your credit knowledge, the optimal strategy is to obtain all three credit reports simultaneously.


If you to want to look good to anyone who’s watching you, it’s important to create a beautiful profile — a beautiful credit profile, that is!   Who might be watching you? Lenders, credit card companies, even prospective employers all might want to see your credit report. So it’s important to keep that credit profile […]


Can your landlord repeatedly pull your credit report anytime he or she wants? A reader of claims that their landlord is constantly pulling her credit report month after month. Does she have the right to stop her landlord? Has your landlord pulled your credit report recently? Watch this video to learn your rights as […]


Checking your credit report at least once a year – even if you don’t use credit cards or have any loans – can help you correct any mistakes that could be hurting your credit score. Every entry on your credit report will affect your credit score in some way, and many creditors do make the […]


A reader of wanted to know how she can improve her credit score because she checked her three credit scores a few days ago and found that the lowest score was based on a credit report didn’t have all of her accounts listed. So she wants to know what she can do. She pays […]