Do You Want to Pay Off Your Student Loans?

According to the Project on Student Loan Debt: Seven in 10 college graduates (71%) finish school with an average of $29,400 in student loan debt. Articles in this category answer your questions about paying off student loans, student loan consolidation and related topics.

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Last Updated 29th September, 2014   Millions of Americans have student loan debt – from recent college graduates to people in their 60s. Student loans are the one form of debt you typically can’t get rid of in bankruptcy court, so this debt can stay with you for decades if you don’t pay it off. […]

Last Updated 4th September, 2014 The first year of college is an exciting time for most students, but the lifestyle change can cause some anxiety and stress. Living away from home also means college freshmen need to manage their own budgets and make smart money decisions. Studies show that one of the reasons many students drop […]

Last Updated 2nd September, 2014 One of the important parts of financial planning involves dealing with your child’s current or future college expenses. Even though you want your child to avoid dealing with the stress of heavy student loans right out of college, you also don’t want to make too many sacrifices that would obliterate your […]

Last Updated 28th August, 2014   Student loan repayments are increasingly taking a big financial toll on many U.S. households.   Americans now owe $1.2 trillion in student loan debt, and the average college graduate from the Class of 2014 has about $33,000 in student loans.   Unfortunately, more than one in eight outstanding student […]