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It hurts to get a big tax bill and find out that you owe the government.

But there are some ways you can start to lower your taxes in the future.

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Last Updated 26th November, 2014 Great question!  But what you really meant to ask is – when can I file my 2014 taxes? It’s a bit confusing.  In 2015 you will be filing your 2014 taxes, settling up with Uncle Sam on the income you made in 2014. Here’s a calendar of helpful dates and […]

Last Updated 21st August, 2014 The tax preparation industry is big business.  Each year around $20 billion is paid to software companies and preparers of individual tax returns and well over $3 TRILLION flows between Uncle Sam and taxpayers in the form of refunds and taxes owed.  With this much money at stake, it shouldn’t […]