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It hurts to get a big tax bill and find out that you owe money to the IRS.

But there are some ways you can start to lower your taxes in the future.

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Last Updated 22nd February, 2015 Most of us don’t particularly enjoy dealing with the deadlines and paperwork required to file federal income taxes.     But just because taxes may not be the world’s most pleasant topic, doesn’t mean you can sweep this issue under the rug.     Think about it this way: by […]

Last Updated 27th February, 2015Intuit/TurboTax, one of the tax industry giants, suffered a black eye recently when they were forced to stop e-filing state tax returns for a period of time while they investigated a potential data breach.   They’ve since resumed e-filing of state returns and TurboTax announced there doesn’t appear to be breach of customers’ […]