Child Support in America


The average child support payment in America totaled $430 per month in 2010, according to the latest figures available from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Sadly, however, only about 40% of custodial parents receive the full amount of support owed them. Roughly 30% of custodial parents receive partial child support payments, and the other 30% of custodial parents receive nothing at all – even when they have court orders requiring child support. Continue reading

Dennis Rodman Ordered to Pay $500K in Child Support

Former Chicago Bulls team member Dennis Rodman has been ordered to pay $500,000 in back child support and has been found in contempt of court. The basketball player was sentenced to informal probation recently and his ex-wife’s attorney has stated that Rodman could face jail time if he doesn’t make the payment. Rodman is just one of millions of dads around the country who have either purposely or accidentally neglected to make child support payments on time. In many states, not paying child support has serious consequences which can include paying penalties and fines, tax refund intercepts, and even jail time.

Dennis Rodman Child Support Orders

Rodman’s attorney and his ex-wife’s attorney argued in court over the actual figure owed and the original child support amount calculated was about $850,000. Rodman’s attorney challenged the figure and negotiated the amount down to $500,000. According to The Chicago Tribune, the two sides met outside the court and agreed to the lower amount. The trial for is scheduled for January 24 and Dennis Rodman and his ex-wife still need to work out some custody and visitation issues for their two children.

How Did Dennis Rodman Get Away with Not Paying Child Support?

Many dads either neglect to make child support payments after a court order, or choose not to pay and are guilty of evading child support orders. According to Dennis Rodman’s attorney, Rodman unintentionally paid a lower amount of child support. reports that Rodman,“…didn’t know and was not properly served with documents saying he has to pay an increased amount.”

Rodman’s attorney argued that the amount of child support determined back in March 2009 was at a hearing when Rodman was not actually present. Since Rodman was not served new papers indicating he had to pay a higher amount, he is now being charged for underpaying child support and owes more than he thought he did.

Keeping Up with Child Support Payments

Many paternal fathers find themselves in a similar situation when they are unaware of certain rules and payment requirements issued by the court. Keeping up with child support payments is always a priority and it’s advisable to seek legal counsel to determine how much needs to be paid, and whether you are subject to an increase. Failure to make child support payments on time or underpaying child support can lead to hefty fines and penalties, and even jail time under certain circumstances.