Child Support in MS

Q: What is the law about child support in Mississippi?

A: The Mississippi Department of Human Services manages child support cases through its Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). This program is designed to ensure that children receive the maximum amount of financial and emotional support possible from both parents, and also works to empowering families to become self-sufficient. The Division of Child Support Enforcement operates in 84 offices in 82 counties around the State of Mississippi.

Q: What are the child support guidelines in Mississippi?

A: Child support award guidelines in Mississippi are written into Mississippi Code of 1972 Sec. 43-19-101. The guidelines dictate the percentage of gross income that is awarded for support for each child, and also explains how the court determines gross income. Child support award amounts are based on the combined gross income of both parents but the court may decide to increase or decrease the final award amount based on a case by case basis.

Q: Where do I get child support in Mississippi?

A: If you are a TANF, Medicaid, Foster Care or Food Stamp recipient, you will be referred to a child support office for services automatically. If you are not a recipient of these benefits or programs, you will pay a one-time $25 application fee and submit a completed application to a local county child support office. You can contact the Mississippi Department of Human Services Division of Child Support Enforcement at 1-888-882-4916 for more information about this process. If you only need to locate a noncustodial parent at this time, you can complete an application for locate only services at no charge.

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