Child Support in NJ

Q: What is the law about child support In New Jersey?

A: The New Jersey child support program is supervised by the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Family Development, Office of Child Support Services, and is administered in each individual county. The goals of this program include: establishing paternity and filing complaints with the courts for child support; providing access to welfare, Medicaid, employment services, and child care; scheduling court hearings and overseeing custody and visitation rights; and monitoring money due and paid for child support.

Q: What are the child support guidelines in New Jersey?

A: The New Jersey Support Guidelines are approved by the Supreme Court and are used to determine the amount of child and medical support to be paid. The guidelines are based on an income-share formula where the income of both parents is considered. The guidelines take into account the costs of child care, medical insurance, and other factors the court deems is best for the child. If both parents agree to an amount based on these guidelines, they will create a Consent Support Agreement that will be signed by the judge. In the event that the parents do not agree on the amount of support payments, the case will go to the Family Court of New Jersey.

Q: Where do I get child support in New Jersey?

A: The New Jersey Department of Human Services handles all child support cases. Visit the state’s official Child Support and Paternity website here.

To get started and apply for child support, go here.

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