gift cards


Secured credit cards, prepaid debit cards and Visa gift cards are all alternative methods of payment to a traditional unsecured credit card. But which one of these cards is the right match for you? Understanding the key differences between secured credit cards, prepaid debit cards and gift cards can help you make the most informed […]


Q: Do gift cards have an expiration date and can I extend the date if there is one? A: If you have a gift card – perhaps something a card you received during the holidays or as a birthday gift – and you’re worried about it expiring, there’s no need to worry.   Thanks to […]


In the final days before Christmas, a lot of people will be buying gift cards for relatives, friends and co-workers. In fact, Americans will plunk down $28 billion for gifts cards over the holidays, with the average shopper spending $155 on gift cards, according to the National Retail Federation. Since gift cards are the single-most […]


The holiday shopping season is upon us and it could make or break many major retailers. With more retailers closing stores, or going out of business completely, consumers are confused about what will happen to their outstanding product orders, unused gift cards and extended warranties. When a retailer files for bankruptcy, there are two primary […]