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hospital bills


Q: My Credit Report Has Three Medical and Hospital Delinquencies that are Being Reported as of 2006 – 2011. However, These Alleged Charges for Which I Have Always Disputed Were From the Years 2002 and 2003. Can These Charges and Reporting Be Removed From My Current Credit Report? A: In a word: yes, those old, […]


Q: My Wife Had a Premie Baby Almost 6 Years Ago and Couldn’t Work for Two Years. Even Though I Worked Two, and Sometimes Three Jobs, We Got Behind on Our Bills and Now Have a Lot of Stuff on Our Credit, Like Charge Offs and Hospital Bills. If We Got a Few Secured Cards […]


Q: I Have Over $5,000 Worth of Delinquent Hospital Bills on My Credit Reports. How Can I Get This Debt Down? A: It will take multiple steps to help you eliminate your medical debt. But here are six strategies you can use to knock down those hospital bills and improve your credit rating. Examine Everything […]


One of my newsletter subscribers had a question about how to best dispute a medical debt. She found out that a collection account for $1,879 appears on her Equifax credit report, based on a $2,000 surgery she had back in 2004. This individual (who is also unemployed) said she’d paid monthly on the bill at […]