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Last Updated 24th January, 2011 Q: My Credit Report Has Three Medical and Hospital Delinquencies that are Being Reported as of 2006 – 2011. However, These Alleged Charges for Which I Have Always Disputed Were From the Years 2002 and 2003. Can These Charges and Reporting Be Removed From My Current Credit Report? A: In […]

Last Updated 28th January, 2011Q: My Wife Had a Premie Baby Almost 6 Years Ago and Couldn’t Work for Two Years. Even Though I Worked Two, and Sometimes Three Jobs, We Got Behind on Our Bills and Now Have a Lot of Stuff on Our Credit, Like Charge Offs and Hospital Bills. If We Got […]

Last Updated 27th January, 2011Q: I Have Over $5,000 Worth of Delinquent Hospital Bills on My Credit Reports. How Can I Get This Debt Down? A: It will take multiple steps to help you eliminate your medical debt. But here are six strategies you can use to knock down those hospital bills and improve your […]

Last Updated 5th April, 2014 One of my newsletter subscribers had a question about how to best dispute a medical debt. She found out that a collection account for $1,879 appears on her Equifax credit report, based on a $2,000 surgery she had back in 2004. This individual (who is also unemployed) said she’d paid […]