statute of limitations


Q: If there is a debt that that does not appear on my credit report and it is past the time that they can report it do I have to pay it? What can I do to stop having this company call my home. A: Two different set of laws apply to how long a […]


After some changes to federal laws in 1998 and 2005, the statute of limitation on student loans has been dissolved (with some very limited exceptions), which means that you can no longer have your student loans discharged when you file for bankruptcy. Many people wonder whether they are eligible for a student loan discharge when […]


When debt collectors are contacting you regularly and you’re wondering if you should just pay off the debt to get rid of them, stop! Many consumers don’t realize that the debts some bill collectors are chasing after aren’t the consumer’s responsibility anymore. How is this possible? Because of the Statute of Limitations that exist in […]


When you miss a credit card payment, mortgage payment or end up going into deep debt that you can’t realistically pay off within a reasonable amount of time, you put yourself at risk for bankruptcy or foreclosure. Many people who end up filing for bankruptcy or are dealing with foreclosure find it difficult to apply […]