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COVID-19: New Family Leave Benefits in the Coronavirus Era

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In this video you will learn your benefits under the CARES Act for family leave.


Lynnette Khalfani Cox: Here’s a tip to put some extra cash in your pocketbook if you have to stay home to take care of somebody because of COVID 19 or Coronavirus. Did you know that you can qualify for up to 10 weeks of paid family leave if you are at home taking care of a child who is home from school because their school has been shut down for five or more days?

You can also qualify for paid family leave if you’re sick, if you have Coronavirus, if you’ve been quarantined, or if you’re taking care of an adult child, your son or daughter, who has a physical or mental disability. Now under newly implemented federal law, between April 2020 and December 2020, you can get up 10 weeks of paid family leave.

Here’s the numbers. You essentially get two thirds of your regular salary up to as much as $200 per day and up to a cap of $10,000. Again, if you qualify be sure to claim this benefit.

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