Seminars and Workshops


Meet Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach at the following events:

Couple and Money: Yours, Mine and Ours – Webinar

Sponsored by The Delaware Financial Literacy Institute

Monday, March 28th at 7:00 pm

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Seminars and Workshops

Lynnette uses her professional expertise – and her personal experience – to conduct personal finance workshops and seminars, and give keynote addresses for corporate clients around the country.

Lynnette’s most common presentations and workshops are as follows:


Budgeting, Credit and Debt Topics:

  • The ABCs of Budgeting, Credit and Debt
  • How to Have Zero Debt and Perfect Credit
  • Eliminate Student Loan Debt
  • Perfect Credit in 7 Easy Steps


Financial Workshops for Women, Couples and Entrepreneurs:

  • Smart Money Moves for Women
  • Couples and Cash: Getting on the Same Page Financially
  • Savvy Financing Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Money Myths and Little Lies That Hinder Financial Success
  • For Love or Money: How couples Can Live Happier, Richer Lives


Real Estate Focused Seminars:

  • Your First Home: The Smart Way to Get It and Keep It
  • Real Estate Riches
  • Avoiding Foreclosure: The Seven Commandments of Successful Homeownership


Investing, Financial Planning and Wealth-Building Programs:

  • Money Management 101: Taking Care of the Financial Basics
  • Secrets to Paying for College Without Going Broke
  • Investing Success
  • Make Your First Million
  • Wealth-Building Techniques for Financial Security
  • Create the Retirement of Your Dreams

Lynnette also offers customized presentations to meet the needs of your company, audience, conference or convention.

For Lynnette’s speaking fees, or to discover how Lynnette can educate, motivate and inspire your group or audience, contact us now.

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