Bounce Back

The Ultimate Guide to
Financial Resilience

In Bounce Back, veteran financial coach and bestselling author Lynnette Khalfani-Cox explains how she slayed six figures of consumer debt in a mere three years and went on to build a seven-figure personal net worth.

The author shows you how to take on―and defeat―the most common and difficult challenges facing Americans today, from debt, disability, and job downsizing to disasters, discrimination, divorce, and more.

She draws on her own extensive experience helping people with their most intractable financial problems, the wisdom of other money coaches, financial therapists, certified financial planners, and psychologists – as well as the inspiring stories of everyday people who have bounced back from adversity.

Emphasizing the critical importance of emotional, financial, social, and physical resilience, Bounce Back demonstrates 10 practical and hands-on techniques you can implement immediately to build your resilience and recover fiscally and emotionally from the most frequently experienced personal finance setbacks.

You’ll also discover:

  • ow to handle the ever-rising cost of living and the increased impact of high levels of inflation
  • Actionable strategies for burning down your debt as fast as reasonably possible
  • Practical advice for people who face discrimination and maltreatment in the financial, housing, and employment markets

An essential and endlessly inspiring roadmap to a better financial tomorrow, Bounce Back is an expert guide to transforming a seemingly impossible challenge into a manageable setback you can overcome with skill, faith, and resilience.

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