Personal finance professionals you want on your dream team

3 Personal Finance Professionals You Need on Your Dream Team

You likely have many teams in your life.  You may have a dentist, doctor, and maybe even a therapist that helps you manage your physical and mental health. The same goes for people who support you during critical life events like purchasing or maintaining a home, or going back to school. But what finance professionals do you have on your team?

In many other areas of our lives, it feels more natural to ask for help; However, when it comes to personal finances, you might think you have it all together, or that the topic is too sensitive to discuss with a stranger. There is nothing wrong with getting some insight into how you can better meet your financial goals.

Today, finding finance professionals to join your financial improvement team is much easier than it has ever been. So, who should be on your roster? What do they do, and how do you find them? Find out where to start below.

 An Accountant

Accountants are not just for business owners and entrepreneurs. An accountant can be a huge asset to your finance professionals team. They are known to help you analyze and assess your financial records, monitor budgets, ensure the accuracy of your financial statements, and help you reduce costs and improve your money management skills.

Ultimately, these individuals help you stay on the right side of the IRS. You can find an accountant at a variety of popular tax retail spots. However, try asking friends and family for recommendations, as they can give you a personal insight into their experience.

 A Financial Advisor

Are you looking to start investing, or do you need to understand the basics of the stock market? Well, you may want to add a financial advisor to your team.

They can help you set viable investment goals while taking economic trends, regulations, and your life situation into account. Financial advisors can be costly, so consider asking family and friends who are in a similar income bracket for their recommendations. Also, you can search for fee-only advisors in your area.

 A Finance Coach

We have life coaches, sports coaches, and career coaches, so, why not look into working with a finance coach? While accountants help you stay on the right side of the financial law, and financial advisors help you maximize your money, finance coaches are a bit more personal. These finance professionals help you understand the basics of personal finance while walking you through ways to integrate healthy money management habits into your life.

T One of the best ways to find a finance coach is to do a Google search for one in your area or even looking for someone who offers virtual support. I provide short and long-term finance coaching services if you’re interested in adding me to your dream team.

Do You Have These Finance Professionals on Your Team?

We live in a world where it is easier than ever to find an expert to create your finance dream team. If you take a look at your current financial state and assess your goals, you can begin to see how these finance professionals can help you identify opportunities to make your money work for you.

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