tax filing


  If you are missing or have not received your W-2, you’ll need to try to get it as soon as possible, or take other steps required by law, in order to file your income taxes.   By law, all employers are required by January 31 to report employee income and employment taxes withheld from […]


The IRS has is pushing back the start of the tax-filing season – thanks to Congressional delays regarding passage of “fiscal cliff” legislation.   According to the IRS, no taxpayer returns will be processed before Jan. 30, 2013, which is now the official launch of the tax-filing season. Related Questions:when can you file 2012 taxestax […]


Q: My husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years and have not mixed any of our finances due to his poor credit history. We have filed taxes separately in the past, but this year  we looked at filing jointly and would get much more money back. My question is this…can filing jointly […]