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3 Ways College Visits Help With Admissions, College Selection and Finances

Every year, millions of students across America never get to go on college tours and college visits – and preview the schools to which they’re applying – mainly because it can be costly and time-consuming to make a college road trip.

Nonetheless, college bound teenagers, transfer students and parents should all take college visits very seriously because these trips give prospective students an admissions edge – and they offer a host of financial benefits too.

Here are just three ways college visits help a student prior to being admitted to a college or university:

  • Showing “demonstrated interest”

Before accepting college applicants, many schools look for students who show “demonstrated interest.” In other words, just applying isn’t enough.

College admissions officers also want to know that you have a serious interest in a campus and an intention of going there if admitted. So students who go the extra mile and visit a school in person often have an admissions edge.

  • Finding the right college fit

Picking the right college to attend is about more than which school can you afford or where can get in academically. You also need to know how you’d fit in socially.

There’s nothing like a college visit to give you a strong sense of what a campus is like socially, which helps a student know whether he or she would be comfortable in a given environment, or in a place that’s far from home.

Making a good choice is critical to a student’s happiness, and reduces the chance of a student wanting to transfer schools – or worse, drop out of school, because he or she just doesn’t fit in.

  • Getting first-hand knowledge about a school

There’s only so much you can learn about a college or university from a brochure or school website.

Visiting in person gives you a wealth of additional info, everything from what the dorms really look like and how good (or bad) the cafeteria food is to how well kept a school’s facilities are to the overall culture and feel on a campus.

If you or your student want to visit a certain far-away college, don’t let a lack of money or time stop you from making the best college decision possible.

Take my video course, College Visits on a Budget, and learn 7 ways to do free or low-cost college visits.

In less than an hour, you’ll discover everything from how to get a college to reimburse you for your airfare or train ticket to special scholarships and other financial perks – including free college applications – that are offered to students who take an official college visit/tour.

The highlight of this video course is often a to surprise many: I teach you how to get the granddaddy of college visits: a “Fly In” Visit – which is a 100% free, all-expense paid trip to the college or university or your choice. I’m talking everything covered – food, accommodations, transportation to and from the school, and more.

So prepare for your college tour now – but make sure you do College Visits on a Budget!

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