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Here are 5 Easy and Creative Ways to Save More Money

During a recent interview on ABC News NOW,I gave viewers the following  5 easy to use tips to help them save more money.

Save on Your Car:

Many people don’t realize that you can refinance your car loan just as you can refinance a mortgage.

A car refinancing is faster, simpler to do and costs virtually nothing. Average savings: $1300 over the life of the loan.

Save on Utilities:

You can save up to 10 percent on your energy bill just by unplugging appliances when they aren’t in use.

So unplug that toaster, coffee pot, or any other small item that may be on your kitchen sink when it’s not being used.

Save on Everything Online:

Hop on the Internet for the best money-saving deals.

Not only can you comparison shop for everything from clothing to electronics, but you can also learn how to save from savings-oriented websites like EndangeredSavers.com.

Save on Medicine and Prescriptions:

Just buying generics can save big bucks. The average name brand prescription costs $100.

The generic version of the average pill/prescription usually costs just $30 – a 70% savings!

Save on Household Items:

We all need toothpaste and deodorant, right?

Save money by buying these products in the right form. For toothpastes, reach for the tubes, not the pumps.

Tubes offer more bang for your buck. With deodorants, go for the stick or roll-ons, not aerosol cans, which get used up much faster and are less effective.

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