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5 Factors to Consider While Borrowing a Personal Loan

Life brings major expenses like a dream home, wedding, new family addition, or emergency that can exceed our savings. When your funds fall short of large costs, borrowing money through a personal loan may seem like a good solution. However, jumping into a loan without consideration is unwise. Before taking on personal debt, carefully weigh factors like loan necessity, interest rates and fees, affordability, repayment terms, and credit. Thoughtfully evaluating these aspects first will tell you if a personal loan is financially prudent for your situation. Listed below are five factors to consider before taking out a personal loan.

Ability to Repay

Before taking out any loan, you should know whether you can repay it and what you will do if you experience challenges in the repayment process. Remember, loans come with penalties if you don’t service it as per the agreed time. If you spend everything in your pocket, you may face difficulty servicing the borrowed money. Even if you can repay the loan, do not borrow more than you require. If you have more loans to service and it becomes difficult, apply for a debt consolidation loan program to ease the repayment burden.

Reliability and Reputability of the Institution

Due to the increasing demand for loans, many individuals and companies claim to offer loans but do not have a license. Be careful if you receive calls from people promoting low-interest rates or any loan, as most scammers use such methods to get clients. Suppose the caller claims they work for a bank or certain financial institution. In that case, contacting the bank or lending institution directly is wise to verify that the caller and their offer are legit.  

Interest Rates

When you take out a loan from a lender, additional fees are added to your loan. Generally, everyone would want to get the best offers and lowest rates possible on interest to allow them to quickly pay off the borrowed money. Many people must know that secured loans have lower interest rates than unsecured ones. Because requirements vary from lender to lender, browse around and evaluate multiple lenders before selecting the cheapest one when looking for a loan for any purpose.

Loan Tenure

After settling on the amount you need to borrow, you should know the required repayment period because tenure influences how much you will pay. If you choose two years to repay the loan, you will have higher monthly installments than an individual who chooses a five-year repayment period. 

Any borrower should note that selecting an extended loan term will lead to more interest over the repayment period. Considering that personal situations vary among individuals, you should assess the pros and cons of having a longer-term period compared to a shorter one and choose the right one that fits your needs.

Eligibility Criteria

Every loan has requirements that vary from one lender to another; therefore, verifying your eligibility with your lender before starting the application process is essential. Before the approval, there are requirements that your lender will use to determine your eligibility; they may include details about your age, credit score, employment type, monthly income, duration of employment, area of residence, and your employer. Check the eligibility criteria by visiting your lender’s office or the official websites to confirm the requirements.


With the multiple loan offers in the market, it is appropriate to compare the different requests and ensure you get a product that suits your needs. Before the application,  visit your lender and ask questions regarding the loan, and then use the information to compare different lenders to help you make the right decisions. You should also evaluate why you need the loan and align them to your needs to protect your economic well-being.

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