debit card atm scams

Debit Card Scams You Never Heard Of

Here are 5 common debit card scams used by con artists out to steal your debit card information and your money:


This is computer spyware that records every keystroke typed on a computer and is used to steal confidential personal information and passwords.


A bystander distracts you while a scammer uses the camera built into his cellphone to snap digital pictures of your name, your credit card, and the expiration date. Criminals may also place tiny cameras on or near ATM machines in a bank lobby to record your data when you make a withdrawal.


Clever scammers work in restaurants, gas stations, and other establishments. One trick is planting a card-reader in the register. Skimmers steal info like your address, telephone pin, etc.


When you are at a restaurant, card switchers steal your card and give you back a fake card or expired one.


Scammers send fake e-mails designed to convince you to give up your bank card information.

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