5 More Ways to Earn Extra Cash Before Year’s End

The end of the year is quickly drawing to a close. How’s your savings account doing? If you’re slightly strapped for funds, want to earn extra cash, or could just use some additional holiday money, now would be a great time to generate some extra income.

I recently shared five ideas to bank some extra cash by year’s end, including finding seasonal or temporary work. But you don’t have to take on a part-time job or consider changing jobs when you can set up a side business using your skills and talents. A few small projects could give your savings account the boost it needs to get your budget back on track.

Here are five more ways to earn some extra cash before the end of the year:

1. Earn extra cash and become an affiliate.

Affiliates are sellers who sell a product someone else created for a commission. If you have some basic Web skills and are comfortable with marketing and promoting products online, consider signing up for an affiliate program and jump right in.

If you already have a blog or website, consider selling items on Amazon.com through their affiliate program. Also, take a look at Commission Junction, one of the leading affiliate sites on the Web. You will need to provide some basic information about an existing website and can qualify for different types of products.

2. Earn extra cash by starting a blog

Are you passionate about cooking, politics, sports, business, fashion, or some other subject? Start a blog and start building a strong readership and following. Run ads on the blog to earn extra cash and revenue for every click you generate.

This isn’t the fastest way to earn money online but can be a great way to turn your passion or hobby into something lucrative. My professional passion is personal finances and teaching people about money matters. So even though I operate my blog, AskTheMoneyCoach.com, as a free advice site for consumers, my blog does earn considerable ad revenue too.

3. Launch a podcasting series to earn extra cash

Do you have specialty advice or knowledge about a subject, a unique point of view, or tips to share with the world? Launch a podcasting series to either sell a product where you earn a profit from sales, or to build a following on a blog and earn money through ads.

You could also set up a podcasting event where people pay to attend each session or buy a subscription to your podcasts. You will need to be fairly Web-savvy to make this work and also know how to market yourself to your niche community online.

4. Market your skills to a college or university.

Are you a marketing, sales, or other creative professional? Pitch an idea to a college or university’s marketing department that would attract more college students in the upcoming year.

It could be anything relevant to the college community, like an online college/department review service, an app for a streamlined college scholarship, or even a must/concert series.

It wouldn’t hurt to also try to get to know and work with the head of a department at the college or university on your new project. Depending on your idea, you might score an honorarium as a guest lecturer or even secure a part-time job as an adjunct professor. All of these will help you earn extra cash to reach your goals.

5. Sell items on eBay to earn extra cash.

Use auction sites like eBay to sell off furniture, like-new clothing, and household items to generate some quick cash. Be creative with your listings and make sure you include some high-quality photos of each product. Look up similar listings so you’re pricing items competitively for a quick sale.

Your ability to earn extra cash is limited only by your imagination and the time you’re willing to put into making cash now and into the New Year.

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