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Smart Money Strategies for Every Month of the Year
There’s no better time than the present to kick your finances into high gear. But why limit yourself to just making a single financial New Year’s resolution in January when you can plan a series of smart financial moves for the entire year? Use these financial planning tips and savvy money-management strategies for help with budgeting, handling credit and debt, saving money, retirement planning and more. Continue reading Smart Money Strategies.

I Lost my Social Security Card, Now What Do I Do?
If you lose your Social Security card, make sure you take these necessary steps to file a complaint and protect your identity. Here is what to do now.

Someone is Using My SSN – What Should I Do?
Are you the victim of identity fraud? Would you know if you were a victim. Click here to read more.

Warning Signs That You Have Too Much #Debt 
A lot of us are in denial about whether we have a problem with debt and credit management. If you’re making your payments on time or if you have a reasonably high income, you might not realize you are in a “danger zone” in terms of your debts and bills. But don’t be fooled. You have too much debt or are mismanaging your credit if any of the following apply to you: Learn the warning signs.

5 Major Financial Mistakes Women Make
Despite a decade of progress, with women becoming more aware, engaged and actively involved in their finances, a landmark study concludes that women lack confidence about providing for their families’ future, are behind in saving for retirement and admit being mystified by various financial products, such as stocks, mutual funds and annuities. Learn more.

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