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Eight Financial Podcasts You Should be Listening To

Are you a fan of podcasts? If you are, you must know that these digital shows can pack much information in a short time. From entertainment to education, podcasts are excellent for passing the time by while learning something new. In addition to all the comedy, celebrity, crime, and tech-based podcasts out there, there is a wide range of engaging and informative podcasts related to financial management. Which ones should you add to your rotation? Check out our list of eight financial podcasts you should add to your podcast rotation.

Freakonomics Radio

If you have read the book, “Freakonomics,” you like have some idea of what to expect with this podcast. Freakonomics deals with financial and money management issues on a macroeconomic level.

If you are wondering how larger socioeconomic, capitalistic, economic, and business-related events could impact you in the long-term, Freakonomics is the perfect way to get a total view of how a variety of factors affect our economic well-being.

Paychecks and Balances

Who said that learning about money management can’t be fun? Paychecks and Balances is a “funformative” look at how millennials can make money, save money, and make their way out of debt. Rich and Marcus, the hosts of Paychecks and Balances, are experienced in all three. In fact, co-host Marcus paid off more than $30,000 in debt by age 30.

Their podcasts episodes cover a variety of topics related to money management. From managing career changes to handling taxes, these self-taught financial podcasters ideal for millennials who want to get a handle on their finances.

The Side Hustle Show

Have you ever wondered how to turn a side hustle or hobby into a prominent income source? Nick Loper is a side hustle and part-time business expert. While working full-time at a large corporation, he used the weekends to develop side businesses that eventually brought him financial freedom.

With the Side Hustle Show, Loper sits down with other successful entrepreneurs to provide actionable tips for those who want to develop their own side businesses. Whether you seek to create a revenue-generating blog or design an online course, Loper provides insights into developing multiple income streams.

Brown Ambition

Personal finance reporter, Mandi Woodruff, and her co-host, entrepreneur and personal finance educator Tiffany Aliche, The Budgetnista, are the hosts of Brown Ambition. Through this weekly podcast, Woodruff and Aliche provide business, career, and financial management advice that is specifically for people of color who are seeking financial success.

Episodes highlight current financial events, day-to-day struggles, spotlights on inspirational people of color, and answers to listener questions regarding finances and investing. This podcast not only provides helpful financial management advice, but it also acknowledges the unique challenges people of color face when it comes to economic empowerment.


Many times, women do not have the same access to financial knowledge as men. Podcasts like HerMoney seek to reverse this trend. Jean Chatzky, a financial editor of NBC’s “The Today Show,” is the host of the HerMoney podcast. With it, Chatzky sits down with other female financial experts, entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs to discuss the unique economic issues facing women.

From examining the development of financial confidence to diving into the weeds of investing, Chatzky assesses complex financial topics in an intriguing and practical way. The podcast even has a Facebook group for women to discuss and seek answers to specific financial management questions.

Stacking Benjamins

Since 2012, Joe Saul-Sehy and OG have held the entertaining and informative Stacking Benjamins podcast from “Joe’s Mom’s Basement.” If this sounds a bit quirky, that is because it is. This show tackles financial management and literacy in a fun and lighthearted way.

Its content has won awards from the likes of the Academy of Podcasting Awards, Kiplinger, Entrepreneur, U.S. News and World Reports, and many others. Recent episodes have touched on essential financial terms, financial advisors, mortgages, and how to properly save for a home. If you want to be entertained while learning something new, this is the perfect podcast for you.

So Money

Have you ever wanted to ask essential questions regarding financial management, investing, and business development, but wasn’t sure whom to ask? So Money has likely answered (or will answer) your questions. Farnoosh Torabi, a financial reporter that overcame debt as a young professional, created So Money to advise young professionals on how to take control of their financial life.

In each episode, Torabi sits down with business owners, influencers, and professionals to have deep conversations and discussions around pressing financial problems. Many interviewees share their struggles and the ways they took control of their financial management. This podcast has received awards from Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, and Plutus. Expect to walk away with profound insights into solving pressing economic and business issues.

His and Her Money

Talaat and Tai are a husband and wife team that have used their own experiences with financial management to help others find economic freedom with their His and Her Money podcast. The couple overcame $30,000 of debt, and opposite approaches to money to become outspoken advocates for savvy financial management.

Their blog highlights entrepreneurs, married couples, and millennials that have paid off mountains of debt in short amounts of time. They also spotlight individuals that have found unique ways to make money online. So, if you are looking for a comprehensive strategy for creating a side income or tackling debt, this podcast is for you.

Final Thoughts

While reading an article or watching a YouTube video can be just as entertaining and informative, there is something about the nature of a podcast. With it, there are no frills, only essential information that can teach you something you didn’t know before. Much like an audiobook, you can listen while at work, during your commute, or while you are resting and relaxing at home.

Many of the individuals who started these blogs have faced many of the same issues you have. Whether it be student debt, learning the basics about investing, or trying to start a business, they are experts in the success and failure of financial management. Their stories can give you answers to many of the pressing financial questions you still have. So, sit back, relax, and select one of the informative podcasts above. They will entertain just as much as they will educate you on relevant economic issues.

Editor’s note: Did we miss one of your favorite financial podcasts? Tell us.

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