4 Ways to Save or Make Money Without Leaving Home

With remote work gaining in popularity and inflation hitting everyone’s budgets, more people are staying home these days. 

But how can you stay home and still make or save money?

Here are four ideas to help you keep some cash in your wallet — or generate extra money, all without having to leave your home or apartment.

1. Join a “Buy Nothing” Group

These are local folks who share a passion for sharing, re-gifting and trading all kinds of stuff … clothes, furniture, electronics, you name it. 

You can google the phrase “buy nothing group” and your city/town to find a regional one to join. Then simply connect with people, and ask for and receive stuff you need FREE. And yes, people will often come to you to drop off items you need, especially on sites and groups where bartering is commonplace.

Learn more about Buy Nothing Groups.

2. Vanquish those Vampires

We’re not talking about people you’ll see dressed as vampires for Halloween … in this case, the vampires are in your home. They’re called “energy vampires.” And it refers to all the appliances and gadgets that aren’t even being used, but that are still sucking you dry …. or at least causing your energy bills to be needlessly high. The solution: unplug all types of appliances when they’re not in use … toasters, air fryers, coffee pots, the vacuum cleaner … anything can become an “energy vampire,” if it wastes electricity while not being utilized. 

2. Rent Your Space

Most people know about sites like Airbnb to rent out their homes or apartments for money. But what’s not well-known is that you can rent your place out on a short-term basis, without having anyone spend the night, yet still make good money. Sites like Peerspace and Giggster let you rent out any space — a house, apartment, a garage, land, a barn, whatever — to other people who want to use your property for specific things. Most common: photo and video shoots, along with events and celebrations, 

People pay you an hourly rate to use your space. I have my house listed and have made thousands of dollars this year alone.


3. Loan Your Wheels

Another way to make money while you’re still at home is renting out your vehicle. Companies like Turo let you loan your wheels to other people who have a need for a car, but for various reasons don’t want to rent from a traditional car rental company. It may be that prices are too high at the rental car business, they’re out of vehicles or they’re simply too far away. But all those things make for a vibrant marketplace of individuals who rent cars from others. Even if you only loan weekends, you can earn extra cash.

Got a tip for making cash without leaving your home? Share it with us and we may add it to this article.

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