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How to Start a Conversation About Money with Your Children

Here’s our newly updated series of books and ebooks to help start a conversation and talk to your young children about money.

The Millionaire Kids Club is a series created to help children understand various money topics.

Each book in the Millionaire Kids Club series addresses the following money concepts:

  • Garage Sale Riches – Saving money, financial choices, frugality (Book 1)
  • Putting the Do in Donate – Charitable giving, helping others, civic duty (Book 2)
  • Home Sweet Home – Spending wisely, relocating/moving, foreclosure (Book 3)
  • Penny Power – Building wealth, investing, compound savings (Book 4)

The Millionaire Kids Club is recommended for children age 5 – 12.

Read the books in the Millionaire Kids Club series together with your children and build a discussion around each topic.

Garage Sale Riches

Garage Sale Riches

When Isaiah’s mom asks him to clean out the family garage, she promises her son that he can keep all the money he makes from a garage sale. Sorting through all those boxes, however, proves to be a very big job. So Isaiah enlists the help of his friends, Sandy, Dennis and Stephanie. When the four pals start dreaming of what they’ll do with all the money they will earn, they name themselves The Millionaire Kids Club. But after all their hard work, will they quickly waste their money with a trip to Mega Mall or will they learn a valuable lesson about spending and saving?

Putting the Do in Donate

Putting the Do in Donate

Dennis can’t wait to get to school on Monday to tell his friends about the amazing event that happened at church. On Sunday, Dennis was one of 50 people at church who received $100 from his pastor. But there’s a catch: Dennis has to use the money to help someone less fortunate. With advice from his friends, Isaiah, Stephanie and Sandy, Dennis is sure to think of someone in need. With a little creativity and hard work, the four pals might even figure out a way to turn Dennis’ $100 into an even bigger donation!

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

In Social Studies class it’s time to talk about current events from the newspaper. Three members of The Millionaire Kids Club- Isaiah, Sandy and Dennis- have agreed on a topic. They want to explain why so many homes in the community have “For Sale” signs. But their buddy, Stephanie, doesn’t want to talk about the subject. After all, her family may have to sell their home too – and that has Stephanie terribly upset. Stephanie’s dad has lost his job and can’t pay for their home any more. So will Stephanie’s family be able to save their house? Or will they have to move out, and will Stephanie have to leave the neighborhood and her closest friends?

Penny Power

Penny Power

Mrs. Berry’s weekend math assignment is one of the toughest ever. In fact, she seems to have gone a little overboard – she thinks pennies have incredible powers! Powers like curing diseases, building schools, and delivering food and medicine. Mrs. Berry wants the class to explain how this can be. Isaiah, Sandy, Dennis and Stephanie decide that as members of the Millionaire Kids Club, there’s no money problem they can’t solve. They’re up for the challenge! But as they start their research, they also discover that Sandy has a money concern of her own – her mom has lost her job. Can the pals solve their crazy penny homework and help Sandy feel a little better at the same time?

Awards for the Millionaire Kids Club:

The Washington Post Color of Money Book Club selection

EIFLE Award Winner

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