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HBAR vs GRT: Key Differences

Hedera and The Graph have been attractive options for crypto investors in the last few years. But who would win the HBAR vs GRT showdown? We’ll help you reveal that in this guide. Our experts cover everything from token utility to market performance and adoption by the community. Here’s what to know about these currencies!

What Is HBAR?

Hedera Hashgraph is a platform that allows hosting decentralized applications and performing transactions. Its goal is to become a safer and faster alternative to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and blockchain technologies. Hedera uses a different distributed database architecture via hashgraph technology to achieve these objectives.

What Is GRT?

The Graph is a protocol focused on allowing data collection without third-party involvement. It’s a worldwide API that indexes, sorts, and queries data, making it accessible via its programming language called GraphQL. After storing information on the network, consumers can make queries and gather the necessary data.

HBAR vs GRT Comparison

Now that we have covered the basics, it’s time to dig deeper into the features offered by HBAR and GRT. Here’s what you should know about the projects!

Token Utility

Whether you are thinking about a WAX/EOS exchange or planning for a swap that includes HBAR and GRT, knowing about token utility can help you make the right choice.

HBAR was designed as the native token of the Hedera Hashgraph platform. Like other native coins, it serves to pay transaction charges on the network. Users who own HBAR tokens can participate in network security since they validate transactions and achieve consensus, which contributes to the platform’s stability. 

The native token of The Graph protocol is GRT, which plays a vital role in preserving data security on the platform. Users can be delegators, curators, and indexers and participate in network governance. Regardless of the role, staking is necessary, but it will also secure rewards.

Community and Adoption

Hedera has a Governing Council, which includes over 35 leading organizations from different industries worldwide. Major companies like Google, IBM, Boeing, and Standard Bank are member organizations of this council that oversees Hedera’s strategy. Hedera is heavily focused on enterprises, which seems to be the right strategy. 

The Graph network mentions over 40,000 projects there, including gaming projects like Nifty League, Argent, and other DeFi apps and many DAO and analytics services. The platform has a strong developer community, and users can communicate on the forum on the official website.

Market Performance and Volatility

According to the latest info, HBAR is now valued at around $0.0573. The project’s market cap is about $1.7 billion, so Hedera is safely around the top 30 platforms in the crypto rankings. About 32.3 billion HBAR coins are in circulation at the time of this writing, with the total supply set at 50 billion.

Volatility is common in the digital coin world, and Hedera reached its all-time high in 2021. It was worth $0.57, which means it lost around 90% of its value, and that’s equal to or less than most other cryptocurrencies. As for price predictions, HBAR could be worth anywhere from $0.058 to $0.07 in 2023 and increase its value to $0.1 or $0.2 in 2025. By the end of the decade, HBAR might reach $0.4, and some believe it could also set a new all-time high.

As for GRT, it also made its way into the top 50 coins in the crypto rankings. At this time, a single token is worth $0.111, and the market cap recently exceeded $1.07 billion. The total coin supply is 10.7 billion GRT, while there are 9.1 billion tokens in circulation.

GRT’s all-time high was $2.87, so it lost over 95% of its value during the crypto boom in 2021. Forecasts are encouraging, but only put the coin to $0.17 by 2023. It could exceed $0.25 next year and reach $0.4 in 2025. Some more careful prognoses don’t believe it will exceed $0.5 by 2030, but other experts think it could reach $0.9 by then.

What Is a Better Investment?

The Graph seems like an investment with a higher risk, especially since Hedera has large corporations as a part of its Governing Council. However, there are reasons to be excited about GRT. If it’s the next great hit, you could profit significantly. We advise you to check any relevant analysis and factors and ultimately rely on your gut. It’s up to you to pick whether to invest in HBAR or GRT!

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