Here’s Why Having Insurance Is More Important Than You Think

Among all the things on your financial checklist, of all the financial planning topics that you know you need to tackle, insurance is probably one of the least favored and least likely to get done.

Let’s face it. Insurance just isn’t a very sexy, financial topic.

Most people don’t want to think about their need for insurance because it makes them ponder the risk of something going wrong. But avoiding a subject doesn’t make it go away.

You know you need life insurance, because there is a risk that you’re going to die one day. We all are going to die one day.

You know you need health insurance, because what if you or one of your loved ones gets sick?

You know you need things like car insurance, because you may have an accident one day or some crazy driver on the road might run into you through no fault of your own.

For these reasons and more, every last one of us needs to assess our insurance needs.

Unfortunately, far too many Americans are woefully underinsured or we flat out don’t get insurance at all to cover us — even when we know the risks are high.

Do you live, for example, in a disaster prone area of the country? Perhaps some parts of the Midwest where there are hurricanes, tornados or frequent storms?

Maybe you reside in parts of the south like or regions that are likely to have devastating floods and torrential rains that could put your property and assets at risk.

You no doubt need flood insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and other types of protection, but how many of you have actually taken the time to get it – and to make sure your coverage is sufficient?

My job as a Money Coach is to get you to not only assess the risks, but to act on them.

Even through subjects like life insurance, car insurance, homeowners insurance, or health insurance may not float your boat, and may not always be the most interesting financial topics you could ever think about, they are nonetheless necessary.

In fact, they are extremely vital for your economic security.

That one month when you let your car insurance lapse is no doubt the time someone’s going to bang into you from behind with their vehicle, or you’re going to accidentally put your foot on the gas pedal instead of the brake and go running into somebody’s late‑model Mercedes Benz.

So do yourself a favor: Get properly insured.

Protect your family with the type of coverage that you need. It really will give you peace of mind in so many areas, and frankly, it will boost your financial security and your overall well‑being for decades to come.

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