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Homeowners Can Earn Money Renting Out EV Devices

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Homeowners with electric vehicle charge points are missing out on thousands of pounds a year by letting their driveways sit empty.

EV experts at LeaseElectricCar.co.uk are urging electric car owners to consider renting out their parking spaces to make some quick and easy extra money this summer.

By renting out spaces and devices for motorists looking to park and charge, homeowners could be set to make thousands each year.

Typically, electric vehicles only need to be charged a couple of times a week – depending on how often the car is used and how many miles are driven.

This means that for the majority of time throughout the year, chargepoints at home are left unused.

Instead of letting these devices gather dust when not in use, homeowners should think about renting out their chargers to other EV owners.

More and more electric car drivers are finding it difficult to charge up whilst on a trip, given the seemingly endless queues for a public chargepoint.

Local authorities across the country are also considering increasing overstaying fines at these public chargepoints despite the news that the government is falling behind on delivering the promised number of devices.

Clever homeowners can take advantage of the difficulty EV drivers are currently facing when trying to publicly charge their cars, by renting out their own devices.

Data shows that on average it costs £17 to charge an electric vehicle from 0 to 100% at home.

By renting the parking space out to two motorists each week for £25, savvy homeowners can cash in £2600 each year, by not having to even lift a finger.

By profiting off renting out home devices, Brits are able to help pay their electricity bills whilst still bagging some cash in their pockets on a chargepoint which otherwise would’ve been sat empty.

Tim Alcock from LeaseElectricCar.co.uk said: “Homeowners who are not already renting out their car parking spaces with home charging devices are seriously missing out.

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“It’s such a simple way to make some extra money, and you could easily make thousands of pounds a year by not lifting a finger.

“Instead of letting your EV chargepoint just sit there empty for the majority of the week, consider renting out the space to make a quick buck. And with the rising cost-of-living crisis ever looming, it’s a no brainer.

“The government is currently falling behind on the installation of more publicly available chargepoints, meaning an increase in queueing times for motorists looking to charge up across the country.

“Take advantage of this and rent out your chargepoints for drivers this summer needing to power their vehicles. Based on demand there is always the opportunity to increase prices too.

“Over the warmer months more motorists will be making long distances on holidays and seeing friends and family. These EV drivers will no doubt need a place to stop and charge up, and it’s easy to make your driveway the solution.

“There is certainly serious money to be made by renting out your driveway and at-home chargepoint, and savvy homeowners should jump on the opportunity straight away.”

To find out more about making extra money as an EV owner, head over to https://leaseelectriccar.co.uk/.

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