Where Can I Invest My Daughter’s Money That She Receives for Birthdays and Holidays?

Q: I Would Like to Save My Daughter’s Money That She Receives for Birthdays and Holidays. Where is the Best Place to Put It?

A: It’s great that you are thinking of your daughter’s financial future. That shows that you are a conscientious and loving mom – two traits I’m sure your child will appreciate (if not now, then certainly down the road). Why not use that gift money wisely by putting it into a college savings account to help pay for future educational expenses? Open a 529 Plan in order to reduce the amount of cash you’ll have to pay later toward tuition, room and board and other college costs. A 529 Plan is a state-sponsored college savings program. It’s a great ways to save for college because the money is put into mutual funds that grow over time. What’s more, you can get tax deductions for contributing to a 529 Plan in some states. That money your daughter gets for her birthdays and holidays will also help reduce the need to take out college loans.  Learn everything you need to know about 529 Plans at http://www.SavingforCollege.com.


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