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Soldiers Fall Victim To Fake Gems Scam

It looks like scammers are stepping up their game from slinging fake Rolex’s to pushing fake jewels.

If you’ve just returned from your tour of duty with a pocketful of gems that you thought you could sell for a profit in the United States, beware!

The Better Business Bureau has learned that military personnel from Colorado Springs stationed in Afghanistan have been scammed.

Soldiers were tricked into purchasing gemstones, with the guarantee that they would be able to sell the stones for profit back here in America. Unfortunately, the gems were fake.

Janice Zerbe, owner of Zerbe’s Jewelers in Colorado Springs, reports having seen several of these fake stones when members of the military have come to her store recently to sell the “gems. ” Most of the gems are either fake, cut incorrectly, or are downright unattractive according to the store owner.

The International Gem Society
is a great resource if you want to learn more about collecting and selling real gems, and spotting the fake or worthless ones. Please contact your loved ones stationed overseas and warn them about this scam.

If scammers are pushing these fake stones in Afghanistan it is only a matter of time before we hear of the same scam originating in other countries targeting unsuspecting military members and tourists.

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