Verby™ Launches AI-Powered Coach to Revolutionize Personal Development and Relationship Building

Innovative platform offers personalized, real-time feedback to enhance conversational and interpersonal skills

WESTBOROUGH, Mass., March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Verby, an innovative AI coach that helps users develop crucial life skills to improve their relationships and achieve their goals, launched today. Created by tech entrepreneur Saro Saravanan, Verby provides personalized, real-time feedback and guidance to enhance users’ conversational and interpersonal abilities.

Verby is a dedicated personal development and communication coach for various scenarios, from job interviews to leadership skills and family harmony. Users can select from over 160 pre-built simulations or create custom scenarios, and Verby generates a tailored questionnaire for spoken responses, offering tips and feedback on aspects like empathy, coherence, relevance, humor, and imagination, ensuring the advice is appropriate for each specific situation.

“Relationships are built on conversations, and pivotal exchanges can profoundly impact the course of your life,” said Saro Saravanan, Founder of Verby. “However, it can be challenging to find coaching or guidance in the moment. That’s where Verby comes in.” Saravanan, known for his product innovation, has an impressive track record, having served as the chief architect behind several groundbreaking Fidelity online applications, including NetBenefits, and leading technology teams for the TSA PreCheck and TSA Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) programs.

Drawing from personal experience, Saravanan understands the importance of effective communication in emotionally charged situations. “Years ago, I witnessed my $100 million venture collapse, partly due to my inability to communicate effectively with my co-founder and peers,” he shared. “Verby simplifies the development of active listening and emotional intelligence skills by leveraging AI to provide immediate, personalized, and non-judgmental feedback, empowering users to improve their interpersonal interactions.”

Users can create custom scenarios by simply describing their desired situation. For example, saying, “Help me prepare for an interview with a consumer marketing company for a managerial position,” instantly generates a tailored mock interview.

Tushar, a senior-level engineer from the Boston area who recently faced a layoff, praised Verby: “The mock interview feature is quite good. I was able to set it up for the exact position I was interested in. The questions are spot-on, and the detailed, comprehensive, and relevant hints for each question helped me prepare. The scoring system is great, and with practice, I was able to improve my scores.”

Employers can also leverage Verby to effortlessly create and administer role-playing exercises, boosting team productivity, employee engagement, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. Pauline Carlson, CEO of Carlson Data Systems in Midlothian, VA, who conducts corporate training for customer service representatives at companies like Honda, praised Verby: “Since implementing role-playing scenarios, we have witnessed a substantial 20% increase in customer satisfaction scores. We see Verby as an essential part of our training.”

Educational institutions can also benefit from Verby, as it can help students improve their productivity, interviewing skills, and emotional well-being.

Verby is now available as a web and mobile application, compatible with virtually every platform and browser, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. The basic edition is free, with paid subscriptions available for advanced and business features. The startup plans to rapidly enhance Verby’s capabilities by leveraging the latest advancements in AI.

To learn more about how Verby can help you and your team improve interactions and outcomes or to install the app, visit https://getverby.com. For a product demo, visit https://getverby.com/media/videos/videos.html.


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