Win a $100 Gift Card Via The Money Coach & #WishForOthers Contest

The holiday season always puts me in a festive, giving mood – mainly because it reminds me of the importance of the importance of faith, family and friendship.

In the spirit of the holidays, I’m going to be giving a $100 gift card to one lucky reader of AskTheMoneyCoach.com.

This gift card comes compliments of Capital One, which is sponsoring a #WishForOthers promotion now until December 23, 2014. I’m super-happy to help Capital One spread the word about this contest, and I’m totally psyched that I personally get to choose a $100 winner!

So here’s what you need to know: first off, you don’t have to buy anything or spend any money to win this $100 gift card.

Simply share your #WishForOthers publicly (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), letting me know what you’re hoping will come true this holiday season for someone else. Your #WishForOthers can express goodwill toward a relative, friend, or even an organization or a community you care about. Nice words are great, but you can feel free to get creative and post a picture or video of your #WishForOthers too.

Lots of people have shared really special and memorable ideas in their #WishForOthers. You can check out some of them online – including many wishes that have already been granted – at WishForOthers.com.

So don’t forget to use the hashtag #WishForOthers in your own tweet or social media post. You never know: You could be my lucky $100 winner.

And thanks to my friends at Capital One for helping me to spread some good holiday cheer!

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