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Your Financial Afterlife: Are You Ready to Rebound From Economic Setbacks?

If you’ve had recent money woes, or even a lifetime of financial problems, it’s time to create a new economic reality.

It’s time to think of today as the first day of your Financial Afterlife.

  • After Bad Credit

  • After Bankruptcy

  • After Budgeting Blunders

  • After Business Failures

  • After Collection Accounts

  • After Court Judgments

  • After Credit Card Debt

  • After Divorce

  • After Foreclosure

  • After Investment Loss

  • After Joblessness

  • After Late Payments

  • After Lawsuits

  • After Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck

  • After Medical Bills

  • After Poor Financial Planning

  • After Recessions

  • After Repossessions

  • After Student Loan Defaults

  • After Tax Problems

After all the mess and challenges that life may have thrown at you, it’s time to rebound from those setbacks.

It’s time to chart a new path for a better future. It’s time to reclaim what’s been lost.

Ultimately it’s time to rebuild your economic life and – by extension – your overall life.

Yesterday is in the past. Old things are dead and gone. Today is the beginning of a new chapter in the rest of your life. How will your final story read?

Put another way: what exactly will you experience in your Financial Afterlife?

Will it bring you peace, financial security and contentment … Or will it feel like a living Hell?

If you can muster up a bit of resilience – and even a mustard seed’s worth of faith – you’ll find that your vision for a better Financial Afterlife can be attained, and it can be far more gratifying that all the years that have preceded it.

Resilience is the ability to cope with and recover from setbacks, difficult situations and challenging environments.

That’s why I define your Financial Afterlife as either the negative aftermath or the positive period of economic recovery following a major personal or financial crisis.

Whether your Financial Afterlife is a positive or negative experience largely depends on the lessons you learned from your setback(s) and the steps you’re prepared to take to improve your economic future.

Fortunately, creating a brighter future doesn’t have to be terribly difficult.

It’s not as easy as pressing a “re-set” button. But with your Financial Afterlife, you can learn how to “Re-do” things after you’ve been burned economically.

Maybe you don’t need a full-blown “do over,” but could you stand to: Refresh, Renew, Restore, Redeem, Reclaim, Recoup, Recreate, Realign, Recharge, Redefine, Reestablish, Reevaluate, Reinvent, Rejuvenate, or Repair something in your life?

If so, a promising Financial Afterlife awaits you.

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