When Will I Get My Tax Refund If Someone Stole My Social Security Number?

by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach on March 16, 2012

in Identity Theft, Taxes

Q: Someone filed taxes with my social security number, I contacted the authorities! Now how long for me to receive my tax money?

A: I’m sorry to hear about someone stealing your social security number and using it to file taxes.

Unfortunately, it may take a while — probably at least several weeks, if not a couple of months – for your social security mess to be cleared up with the IRS. The IRS says it generally takes 6 to 8 weeks to get a refund under these circumstances.

It’s good that you’ve contacted the authorities, but I just wanted to make sure that you knew EVERYTHING that you should do. Read these articles I’ve written about the subject to safeguard yourself and ensure that you’ve covered all your bases. The first article explains what you should do if someone steals your social security number to file taxes.

The second article focuses on protecting your child from identity theft, but even adults can and should take the same steps I recommend in that article.

Finally, to speed things up in terms of you getting your tax refund, you should know that early in January 2012, the IRS announced a new program to help tax ID theft victims, by giving them a new “IP PIN.”

According to the IRS, “A six-digit Identity Protection Personal Identification Number, or IP PIN, is provided to those victims of tax-related identity theft who have had their identities verified by IRS to avoid delays in processing their federal returns. A taxpayer who receives IRS Letter 4869CS, providing them with an IP PIN, must follow the instructions provided when preparing the return. The fax number for the Identity Protection Specialized Unit, which is published on IRS.gov and on the Form 14039, changed on Dec 12 to: (978) 684-4542.”


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Quentin williams

Some one stole my ssn an use it on a tax returned


Im not happy at all. i filed 26th of jan went in on 30th rejected for pin number. called irs got number gave it to hrblock and eccepted by irs on feb 5 . now after waituing several weeks and passing the 21 day mark i call irs. apparently the woman i spoke with told me thier system was hacked and 55.00000 ppls info was stolen. i called irs a week later lady told me it wasnt thier fault my info was stolen. i choked down anger saying i was told by one of her co workers that it was thier system that was comprimised. how is that my fault. She says it was not true and basically called me a liar. i asked to speak to supervisior. she hung up on me. now i have to wait another 6-8 weeks because they lost my return. how do you lose a return thats in your computer. everytime i call i get another reason and another person who seems to not have any answers. i dont understand the last

Ms Dee

I was a victim last year and did all my paper work and received my money within three months. My question is this year I received and IP PIN number and this year I still have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for my refund. Whats the purpose of having a pin number when you still have to wait. Did I say I gI say I have direct deposit.


Someone filed my 2011 tax return using my SSN and I am yet to receive my tax refund. It’s at the point where the IRS ID theft dept. no longer return my phone calls after leaving numerous messages to the agent assigned to my case. It’s so sad that we are paying the price and being punished for paying our taxes on time and abiding by the law.


This happened to me and my family as well. Turbo Tax was all I used for the past few years and when I went to file my 2011 taxes I was given an error that told me I already filed. So I waited and spoke to someone at the IRS and long story short someone filed under my SSN. Completed all the forms and sent in my ID and copy of SS Card to prove it is me. So it is December 10,2012 and no refund as of yet for me and my family. Every time I call they said they will send me a letter in October, never got the letter and again in November they said they will mail out another for an update. Nothing. I am lost and not sure on what to do next. Is anything being done to help innocent people that try to make a living and pay taxes on every pay paid and to have this happen. It will be a full year in March. We will see.

Patricia Kidd

Hmmm, reading these I’m seeing a common thing, I used Turbo tax last year to file my 2010 state taxes and this year when I tried to file my taxes with the IRS someone has used my SSN to file before I could. I have read lots of cases where Turbo Tax has been used in one way or another……sure the bad guy would use any SSN they could get but, this is something that should be checkouted…..

I found out on Feb 23 and sent in all of my information on April 15, figured what the rush but did not ever think it would take this long.

clayton campbell

same here ,filed my taxes 4-12-12 ,keep getting the runaround,jumpped thru all the hoops,here it is 8-8-12 …still nothing!my problem is with turbo tax .they save all your info to make next years easyer but allow someone to file in my name with a bunch of dependents i didnt have the previous years,different employer,I live in michigan the address they gave was somewhere in florida,….I firmly believe Turdblower tax could have prevented this.


The same thing has happened to us and it has been months waiting for our refund. No one will give us an answer. Some say it can take years to get it.

Why should this govt care? We are not the people making over $250K. When will someone up there in the govt care about hard working tax paying Americans like us?


This happened to us to filed taxes in jan using turbo tax and came back the same my social security number has been used and all of my dependents my husbands ,mine and 3 children!within days of this we filed all the IRS papers,id’s sent everything ,called in Feb they said they were working on it wait 30 days ,called in April still had not worked on ours ,so called the end of may they said they were working on ours we would have our money in 45 days,and called again last week to find out no one had started working on ours yet,WTF! I’m so sick of this its ridiculous and they will not tell us who did it but they will take care of it we will probably NEVER get our money!

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