1st Epic Satoshi Auction Sold for $2.1 Million on CoinEx

HONG KONG, April 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The first-ever public auction of the epic satoshi held by CoinEx, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, ended on April 25, 2024, at 16:00 (UTC). As the first example shown in history, the auction attracted global users for 35 bids, and the epic satoshi was sold for 33.3 BTC ($2.1 million).

An epic satoshi (or “epic sat”) is the first sat of a block mined after the Bitcoin reward halving event. As a unique digital asset, epic sat are widely recognized and valued for their scarcity, garnering immense interest and admiration from users.

This is the first time an epic sat for auction on an exchange. The auction featured the fourth epic sat, representing the first sat of the fourth Bitcoin halving epoch. It was first obtained by the Bitcoin mining pool ViaBTC on April 20, 2024, at 00:09 (UTC) from the 840,000th block with a serial number of 1,968,750,000,000,000.

The history-maker auction on CoinEx started on April 23 at 16:00 (UTC) and ended on April 25 at 16:00 (UTC), with a minimum bid of 1 BTC. 35 bids were placed in total. At the end of the event, the epic sat was sold for 33.3 BTC, nearly 20 times to the “rare sat” sold on Sotheby’s based on the USD price of BTC at the time of the auction.

The success of the first-ever epic sat auction not only showcases CoinEx’s leading position in the cryptocurrency asset trading industry but also demonstrates its dedication to delivering the best trading experiences to users worldwide.

Moving forward, CoinEx remains committed to its user-first core values and will continue to introduce high-quality products and trading services to enhance the cryptocurrency asset trading experience for global users.

About CoinEx

Founded in 2017, CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange committed to making trading simpler. The platform serves over 5 million users from more than 200 countries and regions, offering a range of services including spot and margin trading, futures, automated market making (AMM), and financial management services. With a “premium, fast, and comprehensive” listing strategy, CoinEx has listed over 900 cryptocurrencies and more than 1,400 trading pairs.

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SOURCE CoinEx Global Limited

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