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Americans Investing in AI, Anti-Aging, and Asteroid Mining, Reveals Research

When it comes to investing, every investor is always looking for ‘the next big thing’. Centuries ago, it was the gold rush era, and more recently, it was digital currency creating all the buzz. Looking ahead, MarketBeat.com ran a survey of 3,000 respondents to ask them a hypothetical question:

If you had $10,000 to invest in one future industry, which would you choose?

#1 Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

In first place for Americans came AI: If you’re considering investing here, you’re looking at companies leading the charge in developing AI and robotics. The potential, which we have seen glimpses of over the past year such as with chatbots like Chat GPT, is enormous – AI is set to transform our daily lives, from how we manage our homes to revolutionizing entire industries. It’s a chance to be part of a future where technology enhances every aspect of human life.

#2 Biotechnology and Gene Editing

Coming in at second, biotechnology and gene editing is where science fiction is becoming science fact. Investments in this sector go to firms that are pioneering gene editing, especially with technologies like CRISPR. The implications are profound, offering hope for cures to genetic diseases and tailoring medical treatments to individuals. It’s a sector where science could genuinely elevate the quality of human health and longevity.

#3 Renewable Energy Advancements

Renewable Energy is the third crowd favorite in America, and for good reason. This isn’t just about being eco-friendly; it’s about backing the kind of cutting-edge technology that could secure our energy future. This includes advanced solar panels that could harness the sun’s power more efficiently, wind turbines that can tap into the slightest breeze, and even the holy grail of energy – fusion. This is an investment in the planet as much as in your portfolio.

#4 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The investment appeal here is in the creation of immersive experiences that could redefine entertainment, education, and professional training. It’s a sector where the lines between reality and digital blur, creating opportunities that were once the realm of imagination.

#5 Sustainable Agriculture and Food Technology

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Technology holds the fifth position among American investors. The focus here is on groundbreaking agricultural tech like vertical farming, which could revolutionize the way we grow food in urban environments, or lab-grown meat that could satisfy protein demands without the environmental footprint of traditional livestock farming. It’s about smart, sustainable solutions for a hungry planet.

#6 Longevity and Anti-Aging Research

The sixth place is fascinating – longevity and anti-aging research. With significant attention from tech moguls aiming to crack the code of aging, this sector isn’t just for the elite; it’s gaining traction among everyday investors. We’re talking about backing biotech companies that are on the quest to extend human lifespans and enhance life’s quality in the golden years.

#7 Nanotechnology

Seventh on the list is nanotechnology. It’s an investment in the incredibly small to make a massive impact. The applications are broad, from medical treatments that target illnesses at the cellular level to new materials that could transform construction and electronics. It’s about being at the forefront of a microscopic revolution.

#8 Quantum Computing

Lower down the list, in 8th place, is quantum computing. Investing here means funding companies that are building computers with the potential to outpace current technology by lightyears. These machines could tackle complex problems across various fields, from cryptography to climate modeling, at unprecedented speeds.

#9 Smart City Infrastructure

Ninth is all about Smart City Infrastructure. Here, investments go into technologies that integrate seamlessly into city living, improving everything from traffic to public services through the use of data and connectivity – something that would be welcomed across all cities. It’s about making urban spaces not only more efficient but more livable.

#10 Asteroid Mining

Finally, rounding out the top ten for Americans is Asteroid Mining! It’s as futuristic as it sounds – putting money into space ventures that aim to harvest resources from asteroids. The stakes are high, but so is the potential payoff, with the possibility of accessing materials that are rare on Earth.

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As we look to the horizon of investment opportunities, our survey has highlighted a remarkable interest in sectors that promise to reshape our world,” says Matt Paulson, Founder of MarketBeat.com. “Investors are not just chasing profits; they’re looking to be part of movements that drive forward human capability, sustainability, and well-being. From the profound advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics to the pioneering steps in Biotechnology and Gene Editing, the message is clear: the future is not only about what we stand to gain financially but also about investing in the kind of future we want to live in.”

Matt Paulson is available for interviews.

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