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An Important Financial Update …

Editor’s note:

Although the article below is out of date, you can still learn about Teri Ijeoma’s new Trade and Travel 2.0 course by reading The Epic Guide to Teri Ijeoma’s New Trade and Travel 2.0 Course.   

Just a last-minute reminder that TOMORROW is the start of the stock market trading course I told you about in my previous post, being taught by Teri Ijeoma, CEO and founder of ITradeAndTravel.com.

Teri’s course is the #1 class on Teachable – and for good reason.

She makes $1,000 a day trading stocks, and many of her students get the same results.

Teri’s intro trading course is \$1,797 when you use this 10% off promo code: LIFESKILLS. But TODAY is the last day before this discount ends.

The Trade and Travel course has four online classes and large group coaching calls. There’s also a VIP Program with seven online classes and smaller group coaching calls.

As I previously mentioned, I’ve signed up and will be taking the Trade and Travel class too, starting on Monday, October 14th.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn a new financial skill – and earn money as well!

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