How to boost your 625 credit score
Ever dream of having a perfect credit score? You can do it!

How to Quickly Boost Your 625 Credit Score

Q: I have a credit score of 625 and am trying to refinance a loan. The bank says I need a 700 credit score to get a loan with them.

I have an existing loan and when I got it 4 years ago, my credit score was about a 710. I need to fix my credit score because my loan is a ballon loan (that comes due) in about a year.

How can I clean up my credit quickly?

A: The two absolute fastest ways to significantly boost your 625 credit score both involve getting negative information deleted from your credit files.

If you have anything negative on your Equifax, Experian or TransUnion reports that is outdated, inaccurate or that can’t be verified, try contesting that information directly with the credit bureaus.

Use their online credit dispute services for the fastest possible results. I’ve disputed information online and had erroneous information removed in just a day or two.

Here are the direct websites for the credit bureaus to initiate an online dispute:


Additionally, since you are trying to get a mortgage, you can utilize a service known as “rapid re-scoring” also known as “credit re-scoring.” Read this post about rapid re-scoring to learn how to get errors removed from your credit report in just 48 hours.

There’s no guarantee that either of these methods will boost your credit score by the 75 points you are seeking, but it’s certainly worth a shot.

And if there is negative information that gets removed, you will likely experience some boost to your FICO scores.

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However, if there are no mistakes to dispute, trying paying off some or all of your credit card debt.

That will usually improve your credit scores. Even though it may be a hardship to come up with the money to pay off credit card bills, it’s helpful to become debt-free.

Not to mention the short-and long-term savings it will net you from snagging that better loan when you are able to refinance.

For more tips on how to improve your credit score, pick up a copy of Perfect Credit: 7 Steps To A Great Credit Rating

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