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I am Broke and in College. Where Can I Get Money to Finish My Degree?

Q: I just completed 6 ½ years of school but maxed out my subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

I have one class to take to get my college degree, but I have an overdue amount and late fees on my school account. I don’t work and don’t have the money to pay the fees or pay for the one last class I need for my degree.

I also do not have good enough credit to get a loan from a bank. Do you have any advice how I can pay for these fees and this class?

A: Without a job, and with poor credit and a host of outstanding educational fees remaining, your options for paying for this last class are indeed limited.

Obviously you can’t get a bank loan, and it’s clear that you lack the income to pay for the final class you hope to take.

Here are three options to consider if you need money to finish college:

•    borrow money from family and friends
•    sell stuff you don’t want or need in order to raise the money
•    try using a peer to peer lending site, such as Prosper.com., where people loan money to others

As a alternative, instead of worrying yourself crazy over this “one last class,” I think you would be better served at this time focusing on trying to secure paid employment.

Yes, I know that jobs market is tough and that jobs are more plentiful to those with college degrees.

And I’m sure that’s one of the reasons you want to get that college diploma. But don’t let be the single thing that determines your success or failure in the job market – or in life.

Plenty of successful people (think Bill Gates) didn’t graduate from college. If you find a job, your employer may be willing to pay your tuition.

Plus you’ll have income of your own to repay the overdue educational costs.

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