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How Can I Get Rid of My Payday Loans

Q: What advice do you give to tackle payday loans? I have two at the moment and I can not afford to pay them both at the same time.

A: Unfortunately, millions of people get caught up in the cycle of payday loans each year — not realizing that many of these loans, when rolled over, carry annual interest rates of about 400%, making them nearly impossible to pay off.

I’ve written extensively about the dangers of getting payday loans and alternatives to them. Read this post for some of my tips for raising cash when you’re in a financial pinch.

I also recommend taking a look at an excellent five-part series on payday loans, written in 2010 by a terrific financial reporter, Pallavi Gogoi, for DailyFinance.com, an Aol Money and Finance site.

Gogoi examines the growth of payday loans, she explains why even federal regulators haven’t been able to protect the public from payday lenders, and offers some good advice for help and alternatives for people with payday loans.

Read that series on payday loans, and it’s sure to be an eye-opener, as well as helpful to your specific predicament.


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