Dr. David Ireland

Your Spouse is Not A Fixer-Upper

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I attend Christ Church in Montclair, New Jersey, where Dr. David Ireland is the pastor. He always gives great sermons, but the thing I especially love about his ministry is that the messages are both biblically-sound and rooted in practical tips.

Regardless of your personal faith, religious background or belief/disbelief in God, one of the areas in life where we all could use some tips and advice is with our personal relationships with our mates.

Dr. Ireland has been married to his wife, Pastor Marlinda Ireland, for more than 30 years.

He recently shared some marriage tips that I’m sure you’ll find beneficial, whether you’re currently married — or are contemplating tying the knot at some point in the future.

As a Money Coach, why am I encouraging you to hear Dr. Ireland’s wisdom? It’s simple. I know that if you’ll listen to his advice, a happy marriage can bring you greater happiness, enhanced career success, and much stronger financial well-being too.

According to Dr. Ireland, marriages that fail have twice as many putdowns and nitpicking between partners.

In this video, Dr. Ireland speaks about accepting our spouse as he or she is.

Also, listen to discover what signs indicate you should not marry a particular person in the first place.

Dr. David Ireland
Dr. David Ireland

Dr. David Ireland is the founder and senior pastor of Christ Church.

A former civil and mechanical engineer, Dr. David couples his keen sense of humor with a precise, analytical style in translating complex biblical concepts into practical applications.

He has an earned Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and is a noted author.

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