Stolen Credit Cards Used to Buy 85 iPads Worth $50,000

Two men have been accused of using stolen credit cards to purchase high priced electronics like iPads. The iPads were then resold for cash.

Police say the men are are part of a large-scale credit card fraud operation that hit Target stores in Illinois.

The suspects, who were under surveillance, were nabbed after they made a fraudulent purchase at an area Target store.

Their arrest led police to discover a credit-card manufacturing operation with a large quantity of re-encoded credit cards, prepaid cards and gift cards.

Police found 85 iPads, $10,000 in cash and a handgun. The iPads were valued at over $50,000.

The suspects arrested are Jerome Taylor, 41, who was charged with one count of Organizer/ Financial Crime Enterprise; and Michael Nixon, 40, who is charged with one count of Continuing Financial Crime Enterprise.

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