Understanding the Hype About SPACs on This Episode of ‘Make It Make Cents’

Throughout much of this year, SPAC IPOs (initial public offerings) have gained steam, with hundreds of companies taking this route to go public.  In the latest episode of “Make It Make Cents”, my YouTube series with Trade and Travel Founder Teri Ijeoma, both Teri and I broke down what SPACs are and why they’re so popular right now.

I started with the basics – SPAC is an acronym for Special Purpose Acquisition Company, and its sole purpose is to acquire a private business and take it public.  Then, I shared the major motivations behind SPACs (e.g., shortcuts around a traditional IPO’s roadshow, cost savings, less regulatory scrutiny, etc.); reasons to get involved in a SPAC deal; and the experience that SPAC investors can anticipate.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Teri walked viewers through the reasons that SPACs matter, and I shared insights about my SPAC investing experience as well as my top SPAC picks.  As always, I had a great time trading knowledge with Teri and educating viewers about this important financial trend.  See the full video below.


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