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Warning Signs That You Have Too Much Debt

A lot of us are in denial about whether we have a problem with debt and credit management. If you’re making your payments on time or if you have a reasonably high income, you might not realize you are in a danger zone in terms of your debts and bills. But don’t be fooled. You have too much debt or are mismanaging your credit if any of the following apply to you:

  • You are maxed out on any credit cards – or very close to your limits
  • You use credit card checks to pay for other credit card billszerodebt
  • You skip payments you can’t afford
  • You don’t even know how much debt you owe in total
  • You switch cards to get lower interest rates just so you can afford the minimum payments
  • You argue a lot with your partner about bills
  • You lose sleep or feel stressed out over your debts
  • You get turned down when you apply for new credit
  • You receive phone calls from creditors or bill collectors
  • You need to use credit for everyday purchases like gas or groceries
  • You have a low FICO credit score because of the debts you carry.

If any of these symptoms describe you, trust me, you are likely operating in a danger zone with your credit cards and your debts – even if you don’t yet realize it. Start making a plan TODAY to get rid of excessive credit card debt, or read my book, ‘Zero Debt,’ to learn how to become debt free once and for all.

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