Someone Stole My Social Security Number To File Taxes. Help!

by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach on March 30, 2011

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stolen social security number

Was your social security number stolen?

Q: I filed for my taxes on Turbo Tax I got a message saying that my social security number has been used and one of my dependents. Can I ever find out who did it? What if their using numbers in other places? Will I get my refund?



A: If someone has used your Social Security number (or your children’s social security numbers) to file an income tax return, you need to alert the authorities as soon as possible and advise them that you have been the victim of identity theft.


Start by filling out IRS Form 14039, an Identity Theft Affidavit, which tells the the IRS that someone has already fraudulently used your Social Security number – or that you suspect you may be a potential victim of fraud.


This Form 14039 lets you advise the IRS of any incidents that are currently impacting your taxes, as well as any incidents that could impact your taxes in the future.


To prove that you are who you say you are, you’ll have to submit to the IRS documentation such as a passport, driver’s license, social security card, or another federal or state-issued government ID card.


Send these documents via mail or fax:


Mailing address:
Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 9039
Andover, MA 01810-0939

FAX: (Not toll-free)


Since the IRS is accustomed to seeing these kinds of scams, the IRS actually has a dedicated division to dealing with cases where someone has stolen another person’s social security number and used it to file an income tax return.


The IRS department to call for help is the IRS Identity Protection Specialized Unit, toll free at 800-908-4490.


To deal with this issue of someone stealing your social security number or falsely filing taxes in your name, you should also put a credit freeze and a credit alert on your credit reports.


Lastly, if your purse or wallet was stolen or someone seems to have misappropriated your personal data – such as your social security card/number, or driver’s license, etc. – you need to immediately file a police report with your local police department.


Who Stole Your Social Security Number or Identity? 4 Steps To Find Out Who Did It!


Hopefully, who ever did this will be caught. If you know who did it, and it was a family member or a friend, I would confront that person and issue this ultimatum.


This is especially helpful advice for anyone whose credit has been wrecked by a relative who committed identity theft.


Unfortunately, most people are mostly in the dark — at least at first — about their social security being misused.


The way most people ultimately find out about someone else using their social security number is when an individual files his or her taxes, and gets a notice or letter from the IRS indicating that a tax return has already been filed or stating that you received wages from some employer that you never had.


Any such letter is a big red flag that you’ve probably been the victim of identity theft.


Do take the steps outlined above because someone fraudulently using your social security number could get a tax refund check, block you from getting your own taxes filed in a timely manner (potentially holding up or preventing you from getting a legitimate refund).


Additionally, the identity thief could get anything from credit and loans to a job or government benefits using your name and/or social security number. So shut down that fraud ASAP!


Crooks can use your Social Security number to file taxes in your name, illegally snatching away a federal tax refund to which you’re legitimately entitled.


Then you have to deal with the hassle of trying to prove your identity to the IRS – a messy situation that can take months to correct. And that’s not all.


When an identity thief gets his or her hands on your Social Security number, he or she can also: charge up debts in your name, open authorized credit accounts, or tryidentity_theft_recovery_guide to tap into your bank and other financial accounts.


Unfortunately, millions of people in the U.S. are victimized by scams involving identity theft and fraudulent use of a Social Security number.


Here are our handpicked articles about identity theft and unauthorized use of your Social Security number:


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lateshia edler

I don’t have no website at all somebody is use my social security number on there income tax return I never I got my money from the rebate check never came last couple month in may 1 20015


On March 24, 2014, I was traveling for business my wife sends me a text that we received two CP53 forms from the IRS. These forms indicate that the direct deposit of your tax refund was rejected by the bank so the IRS will send you a refund check. We just received the check for $9,000. The problem is I have not filed at this point. So I called the credit bureaus, talked the IRS, etc. I was instructed to void the check and file form 14039 along with my paper tax returns and identification. As of this moment, I have not filed but will do so in the next few days. In my case, I owe money as I do every year so it is not as critical as some of the issues I have read here. I feel for everyone here and hope you succeed. My bigger worry is that every year, I will need to take extra care to make sure the dick who filed my taxes does not do it again. There must be a data breach somewhere as my taxes were filed under both my wife’s and my name with a status of married, filing jointly. The IRS said that was odd and I agree. Scares the crap out of me. Who knows where the breach was and had I not received the CP53 letters, I would have found out when I went to file. It is a cruel world folks and my prayers are with you. Please pray for me! Good luck.


I find it awfully weird that so many people are impacted by fraudlent filings. I am like millions of taxpayers being impacted by this occurance. Im thinking of filing a class action suit! If you are with me please respond. I dont think it is farud I think it is a conspiracy. Every time you call you wait endlessly over the phone to be told that they do not have any information or you are told information that is completely inaccurate. I have been filing fo years and all the sudden I the one saying I am in the same boat!


So one stole my s.s number I have did what IRS said do all the paper work. Middle of November they told me 90 day should I have already have got money it’s about to be a year this month. Do you post recieve your 2011 money before your get your 2012 money I need some answer


I alsohad someone file using my social. When I contacted the IRS they said that it could be someone just eneterd the number wrong when they electronicaly filed. Umm OK, I thought most people check that before they submit.
Well I work hard for my money. I filed in begining of Feb and I did not recieve my money until mid Oct! I did everything they asked to verify my identity and After I called every month to IRS to get news I finally talked with a tax advocate and they were a big help.
I am also in school so I needed to supply a record of my taxes so I can get financial aid. I request my Tax Transcript and they send it to me. Well lo and behold I now have the address of the person who filed using MY name and my SS. I also have the SS for the 2 children that they claimed on thier taxes.
Now next year I have to wait for the process so go through so that I can get my taxes. Which is totally not fair because IM ME!!
This is just horrble. I hope everyone one else has had some luck

(should I take the transcript to police and file on them?)

Linda L

I too am a recent victim of identity theft and income tax fraud!!! It doens’t take a scientist to know that something needs and CAN be done such a requiring a electronic thumb print when e-filing or ink print when paper filing!!!! Also, how ridiculous is it that the IRS sends the refund and then verifies the employer information!!!!! Wouldn’t you think since it’s costing tax payers billions of dollars they would do this BEFORE!!! Cause it’s not costing the IRS anything……its taxpayers money!!!! Criminals should lose their privilege to privacy when they break the law!!! We’ve got to do something….but where do we start to get laws changed??? Talking helps but it’s not changing anything and I know the IRS could really do something to prevent this if they wanted to such as the thumbprint.


i just found out to the someone used on my info also i am a turbo tax customer it sounds fishy to me that most of the comments i read were turbo tax customers i am now contacting the state of nj to see if someone filed wth them to please keep me posted if anybody does a class action suit against tt

rebecca hagan

we have had the same thing happen and last year i used tt also ,I have been going back and forth with the irs since Jan. and I was supposed to get my return by no later the the first week in august.I have yet to get it and now the woman they assigned our case to at the irs will not return my calls letters,nothing ,i haven’t heard a thing for over 3 months .I am going to find out if this has something to do with a breach in tt information and if it does Im going to look into a lawsuit tt should have informed all of their customers if there was a security problem!

Susette C.

I filed my tax in February with Turbo Tax and found that my social security number was already use. When i contacted the IRS rep told me that it could be an error and to mail in my return. I found out that it was identity theft only after I called back the IRS. This was back in March. I called periodically to find out my refund status and was told that someone would contact me my June 6th. No one contacted me when I called back they said July 13th. No contact by July 13th. Now they are telling me by August 6th. I am ver angry and upset. I feel like I am the criminal and no one from the IRS is trying to help me. I work 2 jobs and go to school and have been at my full time employer for 9 years. I live at the same address for 5 yrs and my previous for 7 years. I am still troubled at how easy it was to falsify my information.

This refund is important since I use it to take my kids on summer vacations. I have already booked my flight and was hoping that I would get my refund to book my hotel and rental. I am very upset, because this family vacation is one with my mon, dad, my children and my sibling children. I have no choice other than to use my savings and wait this nightmare out.

Have anyone received their refunds.

Janis B

I re-filed mine back on Feb 4th after mne was rejected and still nothing. They told me 14-18 weeks and that’s about up now. I checked online and it just says processing.


So, its June, going on july 2012… has anyone gotten there check or any news yet? My dad is a victim and he is STILL waiting~ He filed in Feb and its 6/18 and NOTHING.

crystal jefferson

how do i get the forms for14039


I tried using my ssn # through Turbo Tax but it was also showing me a message that my ssn# was used. I thought may be someone had accidently punched the wrong ssn# in or simple mistake that could be resolved. I mailed my refund in and looked online to see that is was recieved and being processed, should have recieved April 3. I thought to myself, GREAT! Perfect timing! Being that I was having my son April 4th and I was using my refund to pay bills will on maternity leave. My $ was not in my account, I checked the online website and it said it was being processed. I knew then something was wrong, I contacted the IRS and was told that I was a victim of Identity theft, I did everything they have asked and still just like the rest of us… I am left in the dark! I’ve contacted the IRS a good 7 times already (lol) wanting to know the status of my refund and if they recieved my fax… They said this was a federal Crime and that the feds were investigating this. I am now to contact them. I am extremly pissed! I had to move out of my house, almost lost my car, car insurance lapsed, etc… Because of someone else’s crime, I (WE) are the one’s suffering and paying their price!


I too have been the victim of this IRS System Fraud!!! Mine started on Jan 19, 2012. I was using TurboTAX. It would not submit so I waited til Jan 20, to try it again, it still did not work. So I contacted the IRS and was given the same story that most of you on here have reported. I filled out all the froms, sent the picture ID’s and did everthing I was told to do. Still as of today May 18th nothing has happened. I have asked for some info about who the person was that transmitted the Fraud Return and they have told me they will take care of that. What a sorry system this is. I was told by the agent I spoke with that the IRS Computers only look for the 1st four letters of your last name that it matches the SS number being used. How about other thing like address, first name, dependent names, Company name that you work for????? What a sorry System the IRS has!!!! This is just another Good Reason to do to the FAIRTAX!!!! Check out
If this was in place there would be no fraud.
I have been told it may take up to 3 years to get MY TAX REFUND. MAD, MAD, MAD!!!!!


This happened to over 10 people I know in Florida who used TurboTax. It also happened to me. I mailed my return in February and I am still waiting. Is there a breach of security at turbotax?


Ok, so it’s not just me. What I can’t understand for life of me is why didn’t I know there was an issue with my return sooner. I mailed mine in in Jan. Here it is the end of March and if I didn’t call them last week I wouldn’t have known a thing. It’s bad enough I had to wait over two months for a normal process. But now who knows how long I have to wait because of stupid people. This is complete asinine. Like everyone else, I NEED my tax return. I mailed it to get my tax credit on buying my home last year. Now I have to live my house longer with nothing in it. I hate the IRS. I wish they would just get rid of them like the idea that was discussed. I cannot believe how they not have a smoother process for this situation since it’s “so common”. They can all kiss my know what. This is BS

California Victim

I just received a letter from the degenerates that run my bank “Chase” stating that not only had they placed a levy on my account for $3,200.00 but that they had also helped themselves to an additional $150.00 of my money for doing so.

When I asked what this was about they said that the California Tax board had told them to do it and that I could reference the photo copy of the letter they attached. They said that because the name and social security numbers matched so I owe the money even though I didn’t live in California ( I live in Florida) and never lived in the “Tax Payer Address” they listed… They also I added that if it was a mistake they would not return my $150.00 either and I would need to try to get it back from the California Tax Board myself.

Supposedly according to the California Tax Board they waited 16 years to collect interest without prior notice or any form of contact. They just took my money without even verifying if it was valid.

How can this be legal? Do we now live in a tyrannical communist country now?? What ever happened to Due Process???


Exact same thing happened to me, they used my social number and actually used my name. Makes me feel sick! I reported my claims to the IRS, the FTC, the credit reporting agencies, the SSA, and our local law, but basically I’m the one that’s screwed. The burden is all on me to prove I’m really me. And who thought up the idea to send a refund to a debit card that’s untraceable? There pretty much telling me they will never find out who did this and they can do it over and over again! While I worry how, when, where, and how much more my social number is being used. I’ve really worked hard to protect my number and my personal information and it got stolen anyway. I too was told it could take up to several months to investigate my situation to determine who is the real person that filed the taxes. I sent every kind of proof I could think of. Don’t know what else to do. YES, I’m pissed!


This happened to me as well. I too need my money and the IRS cannot release any info to me only a confirmation that someone used my ss#. The IRS did tell me it’ll take “hopefully” by the end of this year that I’ll see my return. Turbo tax also couldn’t provide any info but in doing research it has happened to many people. I did a police report and the officer told me that it’ll take a year or two and they are no longer doing police reports only giving people incident numbers bc the IRS will also not give them any info. This is just crazy and I was counting in my money just like anyone else. It’s too bad there’s no class action suit going on all I can do is sit and wait.


This happened to me too. Supposedly someone got a hold of my SS# and used it to file a tax return. I called the IRS and they want me to send a theft affidavit along with a paper version of my taxes and two forms of identification. What I am wondering is will I ever get my return? If the criminal received a tax refund before I found out about the incident will the IRS still give me a refund? I really need my refund. I don’t really care how long it takes I just want the money back that the government taxed me for and what someone stole from me.

Hockey Fan

This happened to me too. I need my money!!! Who knows how long this is going to take. I am so angry.

butter love

i did my taxes on 1/25/12 and i found out it was rejected. i called the tax place they said it was a duplicate ss# that file. i told them i didnt file with no one. i called the irs they said that someone tried to use my ss and put single and no kids. i have a feeling on who it is but im not for sure on who use my ss. so i had to call the fraud depart. i had to mail all the documents out i certify out to them on feb4th which they recieved it. i called back again they said they actually scanned my documents in the system on 2/18/ no matter what i will still have to wait 6-8 weeks or longer to get a refund… i think its messed up


This happened to me also. I went to file my taxes on Feb. 15, 2012. I took the necessay steps to resoleve this issue. I went to the local IRS, then made a police report and also contacted the credit bureaus… I then called the Social Security Administration and made a complaint with the federal trade commission. But they said there is nothing they can do right now. its just a waiting process and investagation. It makes me mad cause i worked hard adn earned money and now i don’t get my refund til later. said it could take up to several months.


I tried to file my taxes yday (feb 10th 2012) and they tell me I alrdy filed !! O_O
So I did fill out a form for identity theft and mailed it to the IRS this morning, when I went to the police they tell me they cnt do nun about that , that the IRS deals with it. So when I went to the IRS they tell me to mail it out or come bk monday they were really nonchalant about the situation and tells me . It will be 12-18 weeks b4 I get my real check!! WTH.. Somebdy stole my identity & y’all pushing me back for 12-18 wks! Memphis IRS building is something else ! So hopefully I will get my stuff handled soon n get that person behind bars! They were so slow they direct deposit my stuff smh

Ty Cook

I feel your pain. I found out on January 18th that someone filed taxes in my name last year. I know who it is because I got a sneak peak of the address that was used to do it. The IRS would not tell me what the address was. They do this to protect the offender from the victim. I feel like my arms are tied.

Elle A

This is so unfortunate. This happened to me today and I took the necessay steps to resoleve this issue. I called tubro tax, then the IRS, then made a police report and also contacted the credit bureaus… I then called the Social Security Administration and made a complaint with the federal trade commission. The asshole that did this will get caught.

betty morris


destane largin

I am a victim of identity fraud….someone stole my purse with my ss card and my id inside…i do not want this affect me from getting my tax return what should i do

Jim Widmann

My only question is Can I ever find out who did it?
Who stole my SS# got a Federal income tax return with it.And do I have the right to know?

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