Are there any legitimate companies that I could work with to sell my timeshare?

I got a question from MH on Facebook.

He wants to know if there are any legitimate companies that can help him sell his timeshare.

There is an organization called the Timeshare Users Group.

They are known to be the first and largest timeshare owner network.

When you visit their web site you find numerous articles, tips and advice on everything related to timeshare ownership including buying, renting and selling your timeshare.

They will even let you advertise your timeshare on their free classifieds section.

Another option for you to consider is to try selling your timeshare on ebay.

There are both individuals and companies selling their timeshares on ebay.

In fact, my husband purchased three properties in what is known as the timeshare aftermarket on eBay.

Two of the properties were purchased from eBay power sellers, the last one from an individual owner just like you.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your purchase agreement, and be up to date with your annual maintenance payments and taxes before you offer your property for sale.

Be sure to find out what fees your home resort will charge to transfer ownership of your property from you to the buyer.

If your property is part of the RCI network, check to see if they will charge you or the buyer a fee to transfer any points that are associated with this property and your account.

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