surge in credit card fraud

Beware of A New Surge In Credit Card Fraud

The Secret Service is investigating a surge in credit card theft. The crime spree appears to have started in Wythe County and is spreading up and down the East Coast according to a report from WDBJ Channel 7 in Virginia.

Dozen’s of people have reported fraudulent charges on their bank statements over the past week with reports coming in from businesses between Atlanta and New Jersey.

Authorities say a business that does contract work processing credit card transactions, is likely the culprit.

Investigators recommend that you examine your bank statements carefully and report all suspicious activity to your bank and police.

Tip: Most banks and credit card issuers allow you to place an alert which will notify you via email or text message if and when your credit or debit card is used. Many banks also offer daily balance alerts as well. Use these available features to carefully monitor all activity on your credit cards.

Editor’s note: If you are searching for information about the Surge Credit Card issued by Continental Finance, here’s their link:



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