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What to Do If Your Credit Score Suddenly Drops Unexpectedly

Need a quick refresher about how your credit score works?

Due to inflation, many consumers are being forced to rely on their credit cards to make ends meet. As a result, many consumers have seen their credit scores go down as their balances go up.

Here are 3 articles that can help you better understand how your credit score works and how to take immediate action to improve your credit score.

#1 – Are you confused about what makes up your credit score? You hear a lot about your credit score being a strong factor behind your eligibility for credit cards, car loans or mortgages, but do you know how the Fair Isaac Corp., the company that calculates your FICO credit score, determines this number? Read – 5 Factors That Determine Your FICO Score

#2 – Want to raise your credit score? Learn how to boost your credit standing by knowing the ins and outs of how your score is determined by the FICO credit scoring model. Read – Six Ways to Help You Boost Your Credit Score

#3 – Did your credit score suddenly drop? In this article, we’ll take a look at a number of different factors that can affect your credit score so you can find proactive solutions and stop your credit from taking a nosedive. Read – What to Do If Your Credit Score Drops Unexpectedly

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