Debt is a multi trillion dollar problem in America. If you look around you, you no doubt know somebody who has debt of some kind. You probably even have debt of your own you’re looking to pay off.


How To Deal With Out of State Debt Collectors

Q: Hi, Can a debt collector that is based in and licensed in the state of Delaware, collect a debt from me in California? Also, I know

medical debt

Dealing with Old Medical Debt

Q: I have an outstanding medical bill from 2/2009 (DOS) for $92.00. I had a debt collector call me today. I am wondering if this medical

in debt

5 Bad Habits That Keep You Deep in Debt

Nobody wants to be mired in debt. But if we’re honest about our financial patterns, we’ll admit to sometimes making poor money choices — at

deep in debt

How to Avoid Falling Deeper into Debt

None of us wants to have big debts hanging over our heads. There are smart ways to get them under control — tight budgeting, for instance —

get out of debt

How to Become Debt-Free

o matter how good (or bad) you may be at managing money, if you’re carrying a lot of personal debt, those bills can erode the

How I Paid Off My Credit Card Debt

Q: I just read your interview in USA Today. How did you manage to pay off $100,000 in credit card debt in only three years?

5 Financial Terms You Must Know

Got Debt? 5 Financial Terms You Must Know

Getting a loan or obtaining new credit when you’re already in debt isn’t easy – especially if your credit rating has suffered for any reason

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