Perfect Credit

Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating

If you have negative marks in your credit history, you already know what a pain it is living with bad credit: you get turned down for credit cards and loans, you pay sky-high interest rates when you do get approved, or you have to go (hat in hand) asking family or friends to co-sign for you or loan you money. The list of indignities you suffer with poor credit goes on and on.

Lately, amid the ongoing credit crunch, even people with “good” credit histories and respectable credit scores are having a tough time. Banks have imposed new fees, raised interest rates, slashed credit lines and even closed accounts of customers with so-called “good” credit. Which is why, even if you have a fair-to-good credit rating, you need to learn how to achieve “perfect credit.”

Consider this: Do you plan on doing any one of these things in the next two months to two years?:

  • buying a house or renting an apartment
  • refinancing a mortgage or getting a home equity loan/line of credit
  • purchasing a car
  • getting a student loan
  • applying for a new credit card/switching credit cards
  • co-signing for a loan for someone else
  • seeking a small business loan
  • obtaining a new job – or seeking a promotion on your current job

If so, please realize that all of these goals have one thing have in common: They all require you to have great credit! So if you, or someone you know, have an immediate or near-term need for credit or a loan, you’ll greatly improve your odds of getting a “Yes,” and getting the best rates and terms, if you follow the advice outlined in Perfect Credit.

Perfect Credit is also a must-read for people that want to:

  • establish credit

    • high school and college students

    • recent divorcees

    • widows

    • elderly citizens

    • immigrants

    • minorities

    • anyone who mainly uses cash

  • fix problem credit

    • individuals with late payments,

    • charge-offs, judgments,

    • foreclosures, repossessions

    • bankruptcies

    • past due bills

  • improve their credit

    • those with “average” credit

    • consumers with “good” credit who want an A+ credit rating

  • maintain outstanding credit

    • anyone with superb credit who wants to hang on to that first-rate status

Perfect Credit is the definitive guide to getting and keeping outstanding credit. Think of this book as a roadmap for anyone hoping to establish picture-perfect credit, make improvements to have stellar credit, or simply maintain a fantastic credit standing.

Right now, roughly 220 million Americans have credit files maintained by the “Big Three” credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Of those individuals, about 40 million Americans (roughly 1 out of 5), have very poor credit, or “deep subprime scores,” according to Experian.

Another 50 million adults in the U.S. have no credit files – either because they’ve never used traditional forms of credit, or because their credit files are “too thin” to generate a credit score. Perfect Credit offers all these consumers an easy-to-follow blueprint on how to get superb credit – and how to sidestep numerous credit traps and pitfalls along the way. Buy Now from Amazon

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