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Presenting Your Best Credit Profile

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If you to want to look good to anyone who’s watching you, it’s important to create a beautiful profile — a beautiful credit profile, that is!

Who might be watching you? Lenders, credit card companies, even prospective employers all might want to see your credit report. So it’s important to keep that credit profile gorgeous. 
Of course it all starts by paying each and every one of your bills on time. That’s a given. But don’t take this crucial advice for granted. And don’t think that “just one” late-pay is OK. That late payment can knock your credit score down by 50 to 100 points!

Also, some things you may be doing could actually backfire against you and can wreck your credit profile. If you don’t know what those mistakes are, be sure to watch this video for the answer.
A shocking number of people have never seen their own credit files, nor received their credit scores. And such ignorance is costing them gobs of money.

Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating

Without knowing whats in your credit profile – pulling your credit reports and credit scores – you can’t give yourself a proper financial checkup – let alone improve your credit rating.

It’s no different than the person who says: “I’ve never been to the doctor, or I’ve only been to the doctor once in the past five years.” Would you treat something so important – your physical health – so callously? Likely not.

Then please don’t be so callous as to disregard something that’s also of high importance: your financial health.

In this video, you’ll learn how to maintain a healthy credit profile and achieve a high credit rating.

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